Friday, 17 September 2010

Rainbow Gem TIEMZ! Any requests? Drop me a buzzword!

Sorry it's been so long, weighed under with college work but here are some recent nails, I have more to upload over the next few days so stay tuned!

I used my dotting tool to create the rainbow finger, there's a sort of half moon mani going on there, and then used my awesome new gems and created a rainbow out of some of the shades and put them on in that order. It doesn't look as random as I'd have liked but oh well- it attracted quite a few compliments!

Send ideas or requests by commenting or messaging, inparticular I'd love some ideas for a christening I'm going to. Buzz words also cool!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

New Beginnings Blossom: In Bloom

With just starting college I haven't yet had chance to post my blossom nails. They were quite subtle and sweet, I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails that I found in the local Poundland for (you've guessed it) £1. I mixed my neew black MUA polish with some Technic Lemon Sorbet to soften the colour and then dotted on some old white polish with a rather stiff eyeshadow brush... TAH DAH!

There we go! I've just finished some rainbowy gem nails which will be with you another day. Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Money Saving Haul!

As you may be aware I have little cash to spend on nail goods and so far Nail Delights has been a dream in the money saving department. So has ebay, I bought 11,000 gems for £8 from Hong Kong. They came in 6 wheels and varying colours and designs... (pictures as promised!)
The six wheels with my sliced Fimo cane.
Oval type shapes.
Classic circular shape
Then, up town I found some nice colours to add to the collection seeing as I lack in the more unusual ones, I bought a yellow, green and black. Each bottle was only £1; I've heard good things about MUA and have used technic before and they last pretty well too, not to mention the superb application.
MUA Shade 2, Technic Lemon Sorbet, Tehcnic Kool Kiwi
Pretty much it for now, I will be spamming you with pictures of my new blossom mani tomorrow most likely.
Have a good Wednesday!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Birthday Candles!

For a joint birthday shindig at Pizza Hut for two of my friends I decided a new mani was required. Also, as a sucker for a theme and a reason to put something unusual on my nails I decided that I'd make each nail into a piece of cake inspired by The Daily Nail but with my own little twist on it.

So there you go folks; I'm currently working on something kind of oriental with blossoms... let's see how it works out. Have a good Tuesday!

Thursday, 2 September 2010


Something fast to cover my nails after removing my heavily smudged pigs. I used some of the awesome new stencils I got from Nail Delights as well as my super duper new dotting tool!

Sorry, pics back to usual blurriness. Better ones when I have chance I promise.

I put a cat playing with a dangling fish on each thumg, which looks much more clear in real life (stupid camera).

Ooh, also, my delivery of 11,000 gems came from China today. 6 wheels, each containing several colours of 6 different patterns. I'll upload them later too, that's all for now folks :D

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Oinking Space Pig!

I did something different, inspired by (copied as best I could) Preposterously's Nail Blog I put pigs on my nails. I changed the colour to silver because I didn't have a pinky/red that I was happy with and thus made them: SPACE PIGS!

They're a little smudged and chipped with a few days wear (only just got my mits on a camera since I lost mine, must say it is better than mine). I'm in love with them even though they're a bit shoddy.

Also, I forgot to add a pic of my toesies for the wedding last week, so here is how they look now, a week on; not their best.