Thursday, 2 September 2010


Something fast to cover my nails after removing my heavily smudged pigs. I used some of the awesome new stencils I got from Nail Delights as well as my super duper new dotting tool!

Sorry, pics back to usual blurriness. Better ones when I have chance I promise.

I put a cat playing with a dangling fish on each thumg, which looks much more clear in real life (stupid camera).

Ooh, also, my delivery of 11,000 gems came from China today. 6 wheels, each containing several colours of 6 different patterns. I'll upload them later too, that's all for now folks :D


  1. WOW, 11, 000 gems.
    Like, OMG WOW.

    I don't know why but I have a feeling your gonna get like 4 boxes full of nail art supplies. xD

  2. I love your blog <3
    I saw your comment on Poka Pika Nails blog. I am a teen blogger too!
    Come check out my blog

  3. AnnKiins - they came in about 8 wheels and assorted colours-I'll post some pics soon.

    Nails_r_us Thanks for dropping by, I'll swing by your blog :D