Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Money Saving Haul!

As you may be aware I have little cash to spend on nail goods and so far Nail Delights has been a dream in the money saving department. So has ebay, I bought 11,000 gems for £8 from Hong Kong. They came in 6 wheels and varying colours and designs... (pictures as promised!)
The six wheels with my sliced Fimo cane.
Oval type shapes.
Classic circular shape
Then, up town I found some nice colours to add to the collection seeing as I lack in the more unusual ones, I bought a yellow, green and black. Each bottle was only £1; I've heard good things about MUA and have used technic before and they last pretty well too, not to mention the superb application.
MUA Shade 2, Technic Lemon Sorbet, Tehcnic Kool Kiwi
Pretty much it for now, I will be spamming you with pictures of my new blossom mani tomorrow most likely.
Have a good Wednesday!


  1. hi!
    lovely blog. just found it.
    maybe you'll pass by my blog if you have time and follow me?

  2. Sure thing, followers are always good- don't suppose you could help me get my metaphorical ball rolling?

  3. 11,000 gems for £8...

    wooooaaahhhh... nice find.

  4. If you ebay nail gems you get a trillion suppliers- Hong Kong has the cheapest, although you have to wait about 2 weeks it's worth the time. The gems were about £2 it was the shipping that cost, but still worth it.