Friday, 17 September 2010

Rainbow Gem TIEMZ! Any requests? Drop me a buzzword!

Sorry it's been so long, weighed under with college work but here are some recent nails, I have more to upload over the next few days so stay tuned!

I used my dotting tool to create the rainbow finger, there's a sort of half moon mani going on there, and then used my awesome new gems and created a rainbow out of some of the shades and put them on in that order. It doesn't look as random as I'd have liked but oh well- it attracted quite a few compliments!

Send ideas or requests by commenting or messaging, inparticular I'd love some ideas for a christening I'm going to. Buzz words also cool!


  1. The rainbow looks like it's gemed for some reason >o<
    But very cute :3

  2. I put the odd gem on the rainbow fingers, but it was mostly dotted. The rest are gems though!