Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Update and Enquiries...

So, results... 7 A's 3 B's and a Distinction* :D

Now onto the other stuff.. I've found a little site called Nail Delights which sells all manner of nail supplies for prices that I see as wholly reasonable and rather cheap to be honest - has anyone had any dealings with them?

Also, I was looking into getting some clay canes
  • how are they to use?
  • are they worth the time? 
  • And is the special blade necessary to cut them or can I use one that I have at home?
  • I picked the 50pence lucky dip option and am excited to see what I receive.

Water Decals
Presumably simple to use but if anyone has any objections I've love for them to be voiced! 

As you were ladies, some new nails coming soon. I can feel an experiment coming on..


  1. Totally did better than me.
    1 A and like, loads of B's xD

    My jaw dropped when I saw the prices.
    SO affordable!
    I bought stuff from Vivalanails and the water decals are the triple the price, but the shipping was quick.

    The canes are fairly easy to use.
    All you need to do is slice 'em.
    I think they're worth the time, if you actually use 'em. The bad thing is if you cut them too thick they'll be hard to apply on the nail, so you need to cut them like, 2mm/3mm in length.
    BUTTT, I got like 30/40 slices per cane.

    Yes, the special blade is nessasary.
    I tried with a kitchen knife. Terrible, terrible experience!!
    So do buy the blade, my friend had to borrow mine cause she thought you wouldn't need it.

    No complaints about the water decals.
    I LOVE THEM! I'm seriously going to buy more when I'm used enough/get a credit card/when I get the chance.

    Hope this helped!

  2. Thanks, I already ordered my goods and their here. My cane's in 107 pieces not including about 20 reject pieces. Cutting them is so therapeutic. Haven't tried using them yet though, nor have I tried my decals.