Friday, 27 August 2010

Sands of Crystal

So, going to a wedding tomorrow and am wearing a 20's style flapper fringed dress in a creamy/beige/goldish colour. I matched everything up including my nails and decided to do something more girly for me.

I used 2 different colours to get here, 2 coats Rimmel Sands of Time and 1 coat of a goldy sheer colour thats label has rubbed off.

Excuse the deformed bump on my middle finger, it's from writing.

They need a little clean up but I'm gonna wait for everything to set.

Also, I tried marbling for the first time the other day and this was the outcome...
Blurry pic, but it's the best I could get at night. I got rid of the mani in about an hour because I didn't like how it worked out.

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